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Rabina Khan - Your candidate for Bethnal Green and Stepney in the 2024 General Election

Rabina was a local councillor for 12 years, a Special Advisor in the House of Lords and has lived in Stepney with her family for over 30 years. She currently works for a charity and as a freelance NCTJ Gold Standard journalist. She has written for the Financial Times, the Guardian, Yahoo News, the Independent and the Washington post alongside others. She is a published author and currently studying for an MA at Birkbeck University. 

Why is she running? To fix what's broken in our politics, address economic challenges, and take real action on the climate crisis and fight for a peaceful world. It's time for a change - to reshape our political system, rebuild global relationships and make our voices heard.

Rabina alongside party leader Ed Davey

Our party stands for peace - all our MP's supported an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, proposed a bilateral ceasefire motion and for the immediate release of all hostages. We've spoken out again'st stripping Shamima Begum of her citizenship. Layla Moran, a British Palestinian MP, a Liberal Democrat, rightly argued to scrap the divisive Anti-Boycott Bill. 

We're clear on key issues: ending the outdated leasehold system, investing in green technologies and skills training, and tackling air and water pollution. We aim to boost the economy, cut pollution, and improve everyone's quality of life. We have an ambitious housing plan to rebuild the much needed homes Britain needs, hold rogue landlords to account and address a housing crisis that prices out a generation of young people. 

As your MP I'll be accessible to our community, tackling issues like rising living costs and high energy bills, advocating for people's housing issues and making climate change a more inclusive agenda. 

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Rabina at Shoreditch