Meet the new THLD Exec!

Thank you to everybody who joined us at the Osmani Centre on Monday for our 2018 AGM. We heard from some of our fantastic GLA candidates, discussed the year just gone, and appointed our new Exec!

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7 commitments we made at Lib Dem conference that would improve Tower Hamlets and London

Last month we held our annual conference in Brighton, where party members got to set Lib Dem policy. Here are just 7 of those bold, progressive commitments that we made!

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Labour Blackwall councillor suspended over anti-Semitic posts

Labour Councillor Mohammed Pappu has been suspended from the party and his committee positions after being challenged by The Times newspaper over posts he shared on Facebook that promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

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Black History Month in Tower Hamlets

October 1st marks the beginning of Black History Month, and Tower Hamlets is bursting with events.

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Cllr Rabina Khan joins the Liberal Democrats

Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats are today pleased to welcome Councillor Rabina Khan and members of People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets (PATH) into the Party.

The Liberal Democrats and PATH have long worked together for a better Tower Hamlets, sharing a common commitment to confront Brexit, tackle the legacy of divisive politics in our Borough, and champion local front-line services.

PATH have previously shared platforms with Poplar & Limehouse Candidate, Elaine Bagshaw, in support of local nurseries, children centres and home care. And in the Town Hall, joint motions put forward with former Lib Dem Councillor, Andrew Cregan, include the protection of Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation and a proposal for a Tower Hamlets Brexit Commission – now adopted by the Mayor following our calls for action.

The Liberal Democrats described the news as good for local people as it will see strengths combined for a robust check on the Mayor, and an enhanced ability to challenge Labour Party mismanagement and complacency. Many local commentators were shocked that the new Labour administration’s first move after May’s election was to award themselves a £100K pay increase – contributing to the perception that Labour take the East End for granted.

Today’s announcement marks a return to the mainstream for politics in Tower Hamlets, where every elected representative is now a member of one of the three major national parties.

Councillor Khan said:

“I’m delighted to be joining the Liberal Democrats today along with many colleagues and supporters. Our shared liberal values and strong sense of social justice make the Liberal Democrats a natural home for all of us, and we look forward to working with our new colleagues to protect the needs of Tower Hamlets residents, defend our critical public services, and fight for a Council that doesn’t take power for granted.”

Ed Long, Chair of Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats said:

“Councillor Khan’s decision to join the Liberal Democrats is great news for our party and for local people. Rabina is a tireless and hugely respected campaigner for ordinary Tower Hamlets residents on our Council. We have long had a good working relationship with members of PATH both inside and outside the Town Hall and have a shared vision to move the Borough beyond the divisive politics that has afflicted it for so long. We look forward to working together as Liberal Democrats to hold the Mayor and Labour administration accountable to local residents.”

Elaine Bagshaw, Lib Dem candidate for Poplar and Limehouse said:

“Tower Hamlets has had a difficult political history in recent years. This marks a move away from the community divisions and policies that have damaged our borough so much. I’m proud of the work we have already done together, and that those of joining from PATH have chosen to make the Liberal Democrats their new home. Together we can shape a better future for people in our borough.”

Statement on Anti Semitism

The video footage of Jeremy Corbyn published over the weekend in which he criticises British "Zionists" for failing to "understand English irony" is yet another grave example of the Labour leader's alienation of British Jews, and must surely be an ultimatum for many members of the Labour party.

In Tower Hamlets this new material is particularly troubling, following on from Corbyn's prior statements of support for an artist who used crude and gratuitous antisemitic tropes in a mural painted near Brick Lane, and the leader's failure to explain his comments since.

Most troublingly, whether or not Corbyn claims to have had a more nuanced intention, this statement legitimises and emboldens antisemites within Corbyn's support base and beyond – just as Boris Johnson's comments on women's clothing have stoked public expressions of islamophobia in recent weeks. At a time where police are reporting rises in hate crime, we expect and demand better from our political leaders.

As Vince Cable has made clear, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, sexism, transphobia, and bigotry in any form are not welcome in the Liberal Democrats. We call on Labour and the Conservatives to act more decisively in resolving these issues, both locally and among their senior representatives.

Elaine Bagshaw
Parliamentary Spokesperson for Poplar & Limehouse

Happy Pride!

A Happy Pride to all those celebrating in London today from all of us at Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats.

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St Katharine's & Wapping Ward Panel public meeting - come and speak to the team

The St Katharine's & Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel is holding a public meeting on Thursday 19 July at 6.15pm, at Tower Hotel, St Katharine's Docks.

This panel is a very important link between the police and residents in the ward, and the Lib Dems have supported ward panels being set up across the Borough.  If you are a local resident, please join the meeting and hear about the latest initiatives to keep the area safe and overview the work of the local Police.  Contact Stephen O'Shea with any questions at 07505 982212.

The St Katherine's & Wapping Safer Neighbourhood ward panel is a non-political voluntary Group working with the Police, Local Authority & Residents to make the Ward a Safer Place in which to Live and Work.

Thank you — a roundup of the Tower Hamlets Local Elections

Thursday was a good day for our party nationally. We gained 75 Councillors and took control of four new councils. While Labour and the Conservatives mainly did well either in London or in the rest of England, the Liberal Democrats made respectable gains across the map.

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Will Wapping turn gold on Thursday? LoveWapping says maybe

Local Tower Hamlets news title LoveWapping has published an article asking whether voters will 'turn Wapping yellow on May 3rd'. In the article, LoveWapping noted the strength and effective organisation of the local Lib Dem campaign, the need for radical change in Tower Hamlets and the lack of choice offered to voters by other parties.


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