Shadwell Councillor Rabina Khan to speak at Lights for Liberty vigil

On Friday July 12th, 2019, Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Concentration Camps, will bring thousands of people to locations worldwide to protest the illegal and inhumane detention of refugees legally seeking asylum at the U.S. southern border.

The London event will highlight as keynote speaker Rabina Khan, accomplished author, community worker, and Lib Dem councillor for Shadwell Ward, Tower Hamlets.

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Tower Hamlets are covering up their failure to help EU citizens to vote in the European elections

Tower Hamlets Council are refusing to give information on how many EU citizens missed out on voting in the EU elections this May, the Liberal Democrats have found.

Asked in a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request how many EU citizens they managed to get registered for the EU elections, they refused to provide the information. using the excuse that the Returning Officer is not technically an employee of the council, and therefore is not subject to FOIA. A number of councils have been asked for this information, and currently only Haringey has joined Tower Hamlets in refusing.

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Liberal Democrats celebrate European election breakthrough

Labour and Conservative votes collapse across the capital

Liberal Democrat campaigners in London and across the country were celebrating this week as the party enjoyed a surge in public support, electing 3 MEPs in London for the first time ever and making large gains across the country. The election was widely viewed as a final chance for voters to make their voice heard on the handling of Brexit by the government and opposition, with both Labour and the Tories being punished for failing to have a clear position.

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Siobhan Benita: Revoke Article 50 support shows Tories "out of touch"

Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate Siobhan Benita has warned it "beggars belief" that the Conservatives have a pro-Brexit Mayoral candidate given 1.2 million people in London have signed the petition to revoke Article 50, more than the number of votes Sadiq Khan received in the 2016 mayoral election.

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Liberal Democrats adopt All-Party Parliamentary Group definition of Islamophobia

The Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats have welcomed the national Liberal Democrat party’s adoption of a new standard definition of Islamophobia produced by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims. The Liberal Democrats are the first national party to adopt the standard.

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Liberal Democrats condemn Jim Fitzpatrick's support for No Deal Brexit

The Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats have condemned Jim Fitzpatrick MP’s support for a No Deal Brexit in the House of Commons on Weds 27th February. The Labour MP for Poplar & Limehouse was one of only 7 Labour MPs to vote against an SNP amendment to Theresa May’s Brexit bill which would have taken the possibility of a No Deal Brexit off the table.

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Liberal Democrats condemn council’s budget cuts to Tower Hamlets Community Language Service (CLS)

The Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats have condemned the Labour council’s budget cuts to the Community Language Service (CLS), and expressed their support for the public demonstration  against the cuts that will take place at the Town Hall on Weds 20th February at 6:30pm. The council’s plan to fund the service entirely from fees - rather than grants - will lead to a decline in take-up and the likely eventual closure of both the service and many of the 47 community organisations it supports.

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Suspension of Shadwell campaign

Following news that the Liberal Democrat candidate for Shadwell, Abjol Miah, had shared content in 2014 that contained anti-semitic sentiment, his party membership has been revoked, pending an investigation by the Regional Party.

As a result, campaigning activity in Shadwell will cease for the remainder of the campaign period.

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Liberal Democrats condemn Labour’s failure to oppose Immigration bill

The Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats have condemned the Labour Party’s failure to oppose Theresa May’s flagship Brexit immigration bill. The Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill will end freedom of movement between Britain and the EU and allow the government to make further immigration changes without consulting parliament.

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Opposition Lib Dem leader Councillor Rabina Khan today criticised Tower Hamlets Labour for failing to stand up for the welfare of East End schoolgirls and against racism after a mealy-mouthed response to the circulation of an overtly racist video on social media.

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