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Lib Dem activists Dominic Buxton, Rabina Khan and Mahbub Alam hold signs reading Save the D3 bus in front of the D3 bus on Wapping Lane

D3 Bus Saved!

Thank you so much to all who signed our petition to save the D3 bus route. Over a thousand of you signed the petition, which was successful in gaining local media coverage and which the local Liberal Democrats presented to the London Assembly in September.

4 Dec 2022

UK Lib Dem news

A hand in a plastic glove is using a flask to collect a sample from standing water

Are you drinking what we’re drinking?

Liberal Democrats are leading the charge to clean up our rivers, lakes and coastlines. It's time to put an end to sewage dumping, protect our precious waterways, and ensure a sustainable water system for generations to come.

16 Mar 2024