Why I'm involved in politics

In 2014, I made the decision to join the Liberal Democrats.

I am only sixteen years old yet I made the choice to join a political party. I was joining the 1% of the population. You may ask, why did I decide to do this? Politics is traditionally seen as dull and uninteresting. To some extent, it can be argued that this is a fair perspective.

However, as Plato said, the price of political apathy is to suffer from the evil. Many people like to complain about the government and their decisions, how their lives are effected. Yet most of these people will never vote. They refuse to get involved, and they allow their lives to be controlled.

The future of our generation starts today, everyday decisions are being made and policies being implemented. All of which will soon effect my life. It is easy to sit and complain about the state, however, it’s easier to stand up and fight for what you believe in. The future of our country lies within our reach, we have the ability to bring the future that we deserve and want in Britain.

By being involved, we can bring the difference and change that we need and want, not what is forced onto us.

What Britain needs is stability. For too long this country has seen politics being treated as a game of cat and mouse. It runs on politicians arguing like children and not caring for the state and the people in it. Far too many scandals are heard and the needs of the people are ignored. We deserve a government who will care for the people and do what we require them to do.

Joining a political party is the first step for me, and I chose the Liberal Democrats for a simple reason. Idealism.

I hold within me the old fashioned idealistic views that Britain can become a fair nation, one where those who want to work will find work, one which is welcoming to all creeds, one that is fair and sophisticated in its international relations and one that will bring around a utopia society.

I urge you to get involved, it doesn’t matter which party, as long as you want the future of Britain to be bright and fair.

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