Will Wapping turn gold on Thursday? LoveWapping says maybe

Local Tower Hamlets news title LoveWapping has published an article asking whether voters will 'turn Wapping yellow on May 3rd'. In the article, LoveWapping noted the strength and effective organisation of the local Lib Dem campaign, the need for radical change in Tower Hamlets and the lack of choice offered to voters by other parties.


Investigative reporter Mark Baynes writes:

"Thursday’s election will, in our humble and possibly quite incorrect opinion, be greatly affected by national politics and the looming disaster that is the stupidity of Brexit.

"The party that appeals most to these EU citizens could win big.

"This is based on our personal knowledge of the Lib Dems campaign (which has been very well organised and running for many months) and the views of the many Wapping residents we have talked to."

The article also identified the anger of local residents, and the failure of the council and Conservative opposition to provide affordable homes or tackle local crime and ASB issues.

"If voters turn against John Biggs and reject both Lutfur Rahman / Ohid Ahmed (Aspire) and Rabina Khan (People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets aka PATH) then choices for the resident who just wants things to work again seems to boil down to the Liberal Democrats."

Baynes also noted that the Liberal Democrat candidates were a fresh start without existing vested interests or personal ties within the complex political sphere of Tower Hamlets Council.

Instead, local candidates Stephen O'Shea and Marie Cahill have many years of voluntary and professional experience helping residents through casework and whilst working for Victim Support.

Local candidates Stephen and Marie said:

"Mark is spot on that the Lib Dems intend to use our role to look at the Council through fresh eyes, without being bound by previous decisions or loyalty to failed predecessors.

"Three years of speaking to residents, attending meetings and dealing with the Council labyrinth has taught us that nothing means as much as actually caring and commitment. We just care about our residents first, not supporting national government or the official Council cabinet line. We’re committed, competent and compassionate – and that’s what we hope people will vote for on 3 May."

"The two Conservative candidates have no Council experience, and the two Labour candidates are more of the same – former councillors supporting the party line, who served under Lutfur as councillors and cabinet members. This is not the type of experience that will deliver change for the people of St Katharine’s & Wapping. We are the party of the centre, working across boundaries is in our DNA – this is what will get results and help to change this Borough for the better."



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