Universal Credit coming to Tower Hamlets

The government has announced that Poplar Jobcentre Plus will be in the first wave of the national rollout of the Universal Credit.

Universal Credit is a new way to support people who are in work or looking for work.

Liberal Democrats have worked in government to try to reform a benefits system that is too complicated and often penalises you if you try to work more.

Universal Credit is designed to be a single benefit, merging several existing ones, that is simpler to claim and which provides better support with no limit to the hours that you can work and by withdrawing the benefit more gradually as you earn more.

Liberal Democrats recognise that most people want to work, and that a decent job for a decent wage is the best way to improve opportunities for everyone. That is why we have delivered a tax cut for everyone paying the basic rate of tax as well as investing in education and apprenticeships to give people the best start at finding jobs. And that is why we welcome the news of record levels of employment, as a sign that the economy is getting stronger.

But we also recognise that a fairer society means giving people the help we can when they need it. A simpler benefits system is also a fairer one, because it is easier to understand and see the help that is available to you, and so that help can reach the people who need it. That is why we have supported the government taking its time and doing lots of testing to get Universal Credit right.

Universal Credit will replace:

Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

Income Support

Child Tax Credit

Working Tax Credit

Housing Benefit

To start with this will be for new claimants. If you receive one of these benefits already, then you will be told how and when the change will affect you; you won’t have to change right away.

For further information, check out the Money Advice Service:


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