Tilly Munro

Tilly Munro for St Peter's

Tilly Munro believes in the importance of bringing communities together, and exploring how much we all have in common.  Following the EU referendum in 2016, she founded a local community group called Stand Together at St Peter's Mission Hall, which for 7 months provided a space for people to come together over discussions and feasting.  In the immediate aftermath of the result, EU citizens in particular commented that Stand Together was significant for them as it showed they were still welcome in the city they thought of as home.
Tilly also contributes to the local community as a volunteer at a local school, using her skills from 5 years as a primary school teacher to provide additional help to children struggling with reading.
In addition, Tilly volunteers for the charity, Cruse, providing voluntary counselling for people who have been bereaved.
Tilly has lived in Tower Hamlets since the beginning of 2012, and has had family in St Peter's ward since 2011. She is moving to St. Peter's in April with her husband and two young children.
St. Peter's ward is full of people working really hard for their families and their communities. With the support, dedication and diligence of Tilly Munro as councillor, even more could be achieved. 
"Recycling matters. The council's current limit on acceptable bags for recycling is unnecessary and harmful. It should and could be easier to recycle in Tower Hamlets."
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