The last Council meeting before local elections

Meetings in the Tower Hamlets Council chamber are not always particularly productive — with Councillors storming out or bickering endlessly.

But last night was more encouraging. It was the final Council meeting by our Councillor, Andrew Cregan, and he went out with a bang!

  • Councillor Cregan presented a petition to stop the closure of The Jamboree (and gave a fantastic rallying speech outside the Council beforehand)
  • Councillor Cregan questioned why The Jamboree was refused community asset status
  • Stephen O’Shea (candidate for St. Katherine’s & Wapping) presented his petition to get speed cameras installed in Wapping
  • We supported an opposition motion to have a gender pay audit of Council staff
  • And we amended that motion to make sure the Council has a clear policy on shared parental leave and we have an ethnicity pay audit too — putting policy from last year’s manifesto into action

This is what we’ve been able to do in one evening with just one Councillor. Imagine what we’ll be able to do with more.

We’ll be uploading footage from the Council chamber once the Council makes this available.

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