Thank you — a roundup of the Tower Hamlets Local Elections

Thursday was a good day for our party nationally. We gained 75 Councillors and took control of four new councils. While Labour and the Conservatives mainly did well either in London or in the rest of England, the Liberal Democrats made respectable gains across the map.

In Tower Hamlets, thanks to our committed volunteers and activists, we managed to more than double our Mayoral vote and vote share from 2014 — and were just 551 votes behind the Tories. That’s something to be proud of.

And while we didn’t gain any Councillors, our vote shares are up considerably across the borough. Thanks to some number crunching by Marie Cahill and Stephen Clarke we’ve got a reasonable idea of those increases.

In St. Katherine’s & Wapping we went from 4.79% in 2014 to 27.04% on Thursday. That’s enormous — and left us within touching distance of taking a Council seat. 

Like wise in Island Gardens we saw our vote share jump from 3.88% to 21.85% — an increase of almost 18% points.

Almost everywhere in the borough we outperformed 2014 — especially in Poplar and Limehouse. In the General Election last year we took 6.73% of the vote — on Thursday that went up to 10.86%. 

The message is clear — much like the party nationally — the Liberal Democrats in Tower Hamlets are back as a fighting force. 

This couldn’t have been possible without our volunteers who stepped up to support our campaign — and we are so grateful that they did.

If you would like to get more involved with our ongoing campaign to build a borough to be proud of and a liberal Tower Hamlets get in touch.

And likewise, if you’ve got a friend or family member who’s impressed by the Liberal Democrats’ best election night in 15 years, ask them to join!

(For more details, see: the Mayoral results and Council results).

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