Securing the Future of Health and Social Care

For too many years our NHS has not got the investment it needs. While Brexiters claimed that the NHS will get another £350million a week when we leave Europe, this has already been shown up as another cheap con trick from Farage, Johnson and Co. to win the referendum at all costs.

Yes our NHS needs more money and that is why Lib Dem Health spokesperson Norman Lamb has called for honesty and straight talking on the cash crisis facing health and care sector, raising the possibility of an extra penny on a new dedicated NHS and care tax. The proposal builds on Mr. Lamb’s previous calls for the introduction of a separate health and care tax, which would be marked out on people’s payslips.

We can no longer deny that the NHS is facing a financial meltdown with treatment rationed because of tight resources.

That's why the Lib Dem are looking into how we can secure the NHS future - considering a dedicated health and care tax, shown on your pay packet. We need to think about fairness between the generations.

We need a national conversation about what sort of service we are prepared to pay for. We should surely aspire to have a modern, efficient, dynamic NHS and care system which treats mental and physical health equally; which ensures that elderly people and those with disability get kind, generous support which helps to prevent ill health and prevents a deterioration of condition; a health system which delivers the best outcomes for patients.

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