Save Our Children’s Centres

Local residents demand John Biggs and Labour keep their promise to protect children’s centres

The Labour Council is planning big cuts to local services. Local Children’s Centres are just one of the things under threat. Councillors increased their salaries by up to 40% last year - yet claim the centres are too expensive.

One in two children in Tower Hamlets grows up in poverty - the highest rate in the country. Tower Hamlets Children’s Centres are an amazing resource for local children. They provide a lifeline to their carers who would be able to gain training and employment. The closure of Children’s Centres and their Satellite Sites will destroy the essential local reach which enables staff to understand the needs of local people.

In their 2015 campaign John Biggs and Labour promised to keep our Children’s Centres open. Make sure they keep their promise to local families. Sign the petition here:

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