On Holocaust Memorial Day

We remember the Jewish people.

We remember the Romani people.

We remember the Polish and Ukrainian people.

We remember the disabled people.

We remember the gay people.

We remember the non-conformists, and the communists, and the Jehovah's Witnesses and the people who just said no.

And we remember the Germans.

The people of Germany in the Nineteen-Thirties were not uniquely evil. They were, in fact, all too similar to us.

We know that anti-semitism is on the rise. Following the Paris attacks, police patrols have been increased in areas of London where the Jewish community live. In Newham, posters for Holocaust Memorial Day have been defaced.


People are afraid.

And we see today people and political parties preying on the disillusionment with democracy that compromise and austerity can bring; seeking to capitalise on the fear that an uncertain economy causes; offering simplistic solutions: pull up the drawbridge, put the blame on "the other", the immigrants, the foreigners.

The Liberal Democrats have always been a party of diversity and always opposed to extremism, whether from left or right. We believe that freedom to be individuals strengthens society. We believe in people with all their differences standing together equally.

We believe that only by working and living together we can defeat fear.

We remember the Holocaust so that we do not make the same mistakes here and now that led to the rise of fascism there and then.

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