May's failure to condemn Trump's Muslim ban cannot be allowed to stand

Following Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron's statements in the media this morning, Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats have joined him in condemning Theresa May's implied support for Trump's ban on Muslims.

Local Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson, Elaine Bagshaw, said: "It took hours for Theresa May to say she disagreed with this utter disgrace of a policy, and that was only after significant pressure. Even now, all we have is a weak, mealy-mouthed statement saying she doesn't agree with the policy.

Liberal Democrats across the country have been completely appalled by Trump's actions and the Conservative Government's response. Banning people on the grounds of their Muslim religion, including people who already have Green Cards and refugees fleeing violence in Syria is something we won't stand for. It is Liberal Democrats who are on the side of the people being discriminated against by this atrocious policy."

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