Almost twelve years after the Labour government followed American President George Bush to war in Iraq, and more than five years after the inquiry was set up into how it happened, what went wrong and what lessons we need to learn, we are still waiting to hear the official report.

Today we learn that the outcome of the Chilcot inquiry is to be delayed yet again, with no prospect of publication before the General Election in May.

The illegal invasion of Iraq was based on false claims of weapons of mass destruction – the infamous 'sexed up' dossier – and led to the deaths of many thousands of people, unleashing chaos, suffering and abuse across the region. And we are still reaping the consequences today, with the rise of fanatical terrorists in Iraq and attacks in Paris only this month.


Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has today written to Sir John Chilcot calling for a firm date for publication, and warning that the public will assume the report is being 'sexed down'.

The first step to healing has got to be admitting when we were wrong. We cannot afford to avoid accountability for what this country did, or allow those responsible to duck the blame.

The Liberal Democrats stood up to say "No!" to the illegal invasion of Iraq then, and we stand up again now to say the British people need to hear some answers.

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