Lib Dems expose shocking housing conditions in Lansbury

Since last summer Lib Dems Jack Gilbert, Tara Hussain and Afzal Munna, have been visiting homes across Lansbury. What they found appalled them. Here they explain why they decided to investigate further.


“Alongside all the new housing, we found flats, and in some cases blocks, that clearly had become seriously run down,” Jack Gilbert explains, “We were invited into homes that reeked of damp. We saw rooms with mould and peeling wallpaper. And they had been left to fester.”


Tara Hussain, who grew up close to Chrisp Street Market, recalls how she went into her old building, and saw a home with an ancient boiler that could no longer power the central heating. “This large family were forced to plug in electric heaters to keep warm. Despite numerous reports it had not been fixed.”


Afzal Munna recalls Christine, a Teviot resident, telling him, “Older offspring need to be able to move out but be close enough for the extended family, and they can’t. So kids end up four to a room.”


Find out more about what we found, and join our campaign to get Poplar HARCA and the council to take action! Go to or email [email protected]

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