Lib Dems demand better broadband for Wapping

Stephen O’Shea and Liza Franchi are demanding the Government take action on companies who are promising better broadband but failing to deliver it in Wapping.

Liza Franchi said, “Local residents across Wapping keep telling me how their broadband speed is far too low. “It’s just not fair that local businesses and homes are left in a digital twilight zone and you shouldn’t be persuaded to buy a broadband package that will never live up to expectations.”

The Government has made a commitment to provide every home and business in the UK with access to a basic broadband service so that browsing the web and keeping in touch with families and friends is easier but it is failing local residents in Wapping.

“That’s why I am calling for the government, our local council and the many service providers to do more” added Liza Franchi. Stephen O’Shea said, “It is so important that we get the speed we need to help businesses flourish and so we get what we are all paying for - a decent broadband service.”

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