Sexual Health is No Laughing Matter

Tackling the antisocial use of nitrous oxide gas canisters should be treated as an urgent public health issue.

Laughing gas canisters littering the street

Doctor Alastair Noyce, Consultant Neurologist and academic at Queen Mary University of London, recently wrote that “laughing gas [nitrous oxide] is not a harmless drug”. As well as young people with irreversible damage to nervous tissue, he reports that many more suffer from bladder and bowel problems, even sexual dysfunction.

Rather than criminalising young people, we are calling on Tower Hamlets Council to launch an effective, targeted public health campaign to educate them on the true dangers.

Local residents have raised with us the issue of incessant littering connected with the use of these canisters. Whilst we work to discourage and reduce the recreational use of laughing gas, we also call upon the Council to provide litter facilities to minimise the nuisance to our community.

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