Jack Briggs


Jack Briggs for Limehouse

I’m excited about the next four years for Limehouse. Through the work I've been doing in the area I see us being the benchmark for the rest of the borough. We'll be a example of how the community, local businesses and the council can work together to achieve grassroots results. If I can get enough support on 3rd of May my focus will be to deliver and support our Six to Fix and:

1. Community led and driven initiatives. Handing decision making back to the people of Limehouse.

2. Longterm programmes for young people through opportunities, education and experiences.

3. A safer and cleaner ward, through reducing crime and ASB.

4. Protecting Limehouse Marina from further expansion and improving resident’s rights and security.

5. Enhancing and protecting the future of Limehouse through the Neighbourhood Plan. Making Limehouse a better place to live for us and the next generation.


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