Council ignoring needs of local people and leaving homes empty

Since taking power in 2015, the local Labour-run Council has not used any of its powers to bring empty homes back into use in Tower Hamlets. In 2016 19,124 families were waiting for a home. 2,278 homes were sitting empty and could have been used to give local families a home - but the Council hasn’t lifted a finger to make that happen.


Local spokesperson Elaine Bagshaw said: “It is scandalous that thousands of local families are left waiting for a home when the Council knows of over 2,000 that it could make available for residents if it put some effort in. Local Councils were given these powers to use them - it’s high time Labour did so.”

Councillor Andrew Cregan said: “Housing is an issue that is brought up time and time again by local residents. It’s appalling that after two years in power they still haven’t done anything to give these empty homes back to local people.”

Note: figures are from the Shelter Databank

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