Councillor Rabina Khan

Cllr Rabina Khan is a writer and Liberal Democrat councillor for Shadwell on Tower Hamlets Council.  In 2015, she contested in Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election and finished in strong second place.

She joined the party in 2018 after dissolving People's Alliance of Tower Hamlets.  A passionate campaigner for a People's Vote, she has written about the impact of Brexit on Londoners and the importance of the European Court of Justice upholding Human Rights and Liberties in local and national media.

You can contact Cllr Rabina Khan¬†about any Council related issues at¬†[email protected].

Rabina holds her surgeries every Monday at the Shadwell Centre, 455 The Highway E1 3HP - 10.00 - 13.00 , and the 1st Thursday of each month 10.00 - 13.00 at Glamis TRA Hall, 414 Cable Street, E1 0AF. Please note surgeries are by appointment only, to make a surgery appointment with Cllr Rabina Khan please contact: 07944 790383.

Rabina is on Twitter and Facebook.

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