Tower Hamlets submits three amendments to Lib Dem Conference

Federal Conference is the place where the Party discusses and decides the headline policies that will lead our national and local campaigning. And when we discussed the conference agenda at our Pizza & Politics event, we found members in Tower Hamlets were very keen to have an input into the national policy debate.

We have taken the suggestions that people came up with there and drafted three amendments to submit.  Please support our amendments, by clicking on the links below!

1. On the economy motion: add a bolder direction

We think that the economy motion is good, but it could be better and we would like to add to what is already there.

Our first suggestion is to add a "Conference Believes" section that more clearly differentiates Liberal Democrats from Labour and Tories and sets a direction of travel in line with some of the things that Tim has been saying about opportunity and small business.

Read the amendment here. 

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2. Also on the economy motion: add policy on digital technologies.

Our second suggestion came from Ben Simms and is specific policy on supporting new digital technology, through infrastructure and apprenticeships and by inclusion in the government industrial strategy.

Read the second amendment here.

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3. On the Diverse MPs motion: make it more outward looking

Diverse MPs is sure to be the hot topic of the conference, and we're sure that in particular All Women Shortlists will be hotly debated. But we want the Party to look outside itself for ideas on how to do better, and how to get more people of different backgrounds to join us. Elaine particularly championed the idea of unconscious bias training as a must have way to tackle our problem with diversity.

Read our diversity amendment here.

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