Comments on Tower Hamlets' budget

After a Council meeting lasting over three and a half hours, we left still with no clarity over what’s happening with children centres and youth services but with a clear picture of the disfunction on the Council, which operates without an effective opposition and is letting residents down.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Andrew Cregan said, “Liberal Democrats have been vocal on the need for this budget to protect our vital children’s centres and nurseries. We hope the services will be preserved as the Mayor and Labour councillors have promised, and we will be watching closely to ensure young people and mothers don’t bear the brunt of these changes.

We’re glad the Mayor has listened to our concerns and is setting up a taskforce to look into the impact of Brexit on our borough. Many businesses in our area are dependent on access to the single market, and we have many EU citizens living in the borough who have no idea what will happen to them in the future. I look forward to taking part in the taskforce and ensuring businesses and residents are able to prepare for the impact of the Conservatives’ Hard Brexit.”

Parliamentary spokesperson for Poplar & Limehouse Elaine Bagshaw said, “The Council meeting itself was a shambles. Insults thrown back and forth from the opposition and Labour benches. A Speaker totally incapable of controlling the meeting. Opposition “amendments” that were actually just political posturing with no real attempt to amend the budget and make things better for local people. Tower Hamlets needs and deserves a fresh start - a total and clean break with the baggage of the past so that we can build a better borough for local residents.”

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