Cllr Rabina Khan responds to COVID BAME findings

Speaking on BBC London (2/6/2020) in response to the Public Health England report on disparities in COVID-19 risks and outcomes, Cllr Rabina Khan called on the government to do more to answer the question "why" there has been such a disparate impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities:

"This report has told us nothing new. What it should have done is told us 'why'. Why is it that Bangladeshi people are more likely to die from COVID? Why is it that Black and Ethnic Minority communities are impacted?"

She also observed that this report has resurfaced long-standing issues of social disparity in BAME communities that have been overlooked in recent years:

"It has taken the COVID pandemic to highlight the impact on BAME communities [of racial disparities]".

She called for the government to ensure the voices of members of impacted communities are heard in investigations going forward.

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