Fighting to protect civilians in Aleppo

This evening, Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake raised an urgent intervention 

during the Emergency Debate on International action to protect civilians in Aleppo and Syria. The international community’s reaction has been lamentable, and this parliament’s own reaction feeble.

Watch Tom's intervention here ➡

Shockwaves from this will be felt for decades. The Government must now again consider air aid drops, and even drops for areas other than Aleppo. The Government must also think about hitting the Russians where they will feel it: their pockets. The Maginitsky Amendment to the Criminal Law Bill will stop the UK becoming a safe haven for the profits of human rights abusers, and the Government must accept it.

Local Parliamentary Spokesperson Elaine Bagshaw said, "The scenes from Aleppo today have been heartbreaking. This is not a sudden emergency but a crisis that the international community has feebly stood back and watched as thousands have been slaughtered. We now need to put in place air aid drops for those remaining in Syria, and work with the international community to support the refugees that have already fled the horrors there."

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