100 Days Until Local Elections

Today marks 100 days until local elections in Tower Hamlets and across London.

This is an important moment for Tower Hamlets. Our local communities are struggling to cope with harsh cuts imposed by the Conservatives from Westminster, and our Labour council are just making things worse — failing to use what powers they do have. Whatsmore, our borough is stung time and time again with corruption allegations

We have the chance to make a difference on May 3rd. We want to make strides on housing — both its quality and affordability; on Anti Social Behaviour; on recycling; on corruption; on community spaces; and on calling for an Exit from Brexit. 

But we need your help. Even a small donation or an hour leafleting can make a difference. There are lots of ways to get involved — from the little things, all the way to standing as a candidate

The countdown is on. 🔶

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