Your Liberal Tower Hamlets

We want this to be a borough that people are proud to live in and that really works for local people. Please submit your ideas on what you want to see improved.

Give us your ideas on what a liberal-run Tower Hamlets would be like

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  • commented 2017-10-04 16:59:49 +0100
    I would like there to be more emphasis on helping neighbours to get to know one another. I live in a council block (and there are many others like it in the borough) where I have good chats to my direct neighbours, but do not really know the rest of the block. There is also a big language problem where I want to talk to the older Bangladeshi ladies who spend a good deal of their time in the block, but with whom I am unable to communicate. We have so much space in terms of garden around our block and yet we are given no help by the council to organise some ways of using the space to learn about each other or have social events.

    I want to live in a Tower Hamlets where people are encouraged to be neighbourly and supportive to one another rather than expect the council to do it.

    In many ways I think Tower Hamlets is well run and I don’t think major change needs major investment financially. It rather needs some of the barriers between its residents breaking down in a real and evident way rather than in a tokenistic and photo-opportunistic way.

    As part of this I would like to see the mix of people in tower hamlets stay. This means building more council homes and ensuring that people of different incomes are properly mixed together in an area. Otherwise we are going to go further down the road of being one of the most diverse cities in the world and yet a place where everyone stays in their own little silos and does not mix in any meaningful way at all.