Demand for action on speeding cars after tragic road death in Wapping

As residents of Wapping, we were all shocked and saddened by the recent death of a pedestrian on The Highway. This is a terrible incident, and our thoughts are with his family and friends. Tower Hamlets Lib Dems have been fighting for more action on road safety, and it is sad that this has not happened in time to avoid this loss of life.

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Tories ignoring the facts on police funding and putting people in danger

Amber Rudd has told police she does not want to see them “asking for more money” from the Government, despite a major increase in recorded crime and an unprecedented terror threat.

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Labour Council failing to tackle rogue landlords

Despite setting up a Landlord Licensing Scheme, very little is being done to tackle rogue landlords in our borough. 

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SUCCESS! Parking Bays for local residents a step closer

Local Liberal Democrats have successfully fought the Labour-run Council to provide parking days for local residents in Island Gardens.

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Comment on Tower Hamlets bribery scandal

Commenting on the Sunday Times story that a businessman with links to the Labour party attempted to solicit a bribe from a developer in exchange for planning consent, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Poplar and Limehouse, Elaine Bagshaw said:

"Once again our borough is mired in scandal. It seems that only 4 months after we finally got rid of Lutfur Rahman, someone with links to the Labour party decided to try and carry on his legacy. 

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Pharmaceutical industry warns of Brexit "nightmare scenario"

Leading figures in the pharmaceutical industry have warned that diverging from EU standards could create a "nightmare scenario" for the sector and that the fall in the pound since the Brexit vote has already made it no longer viable to produce certain medicines.

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Hammond makes teachers and police £3,000 worse off - Moran

Teachers and police officers will be left £3,000 worse off by 2020 due to the Chancellor's refusal to lift the public sector pay freeze, Liberal Democrats have revealed.

Liberal Democrat research based on OBR figures shows that:

  • A newly qualified teacher on £22,970 will be £3,032 worse off by 2020 as a result of the public sector pay freeze.
  • A newly trained police officer on £22,962 will be £3,031 worse off by 2020 as a result of the public sector pay freeze.
  • A prison officer starting on £23,572 will be £3,112 worse off by 2020 as a result of the public sector pay freeze.
  • A private starting on £18,488 will be £2,440 worse off by 2020 as a result of the public sector pay freeze.
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No extra police funding despite crime on the rise and police numbers falling

The budget statement by the Chancellor  this included no additional funding for the police in England and Wales. 

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey said: 

“Crime is rising and police numbers are falling but you wouldn’t think the Government cared looking at today’s budget. The police barely got a mention in the Chancellor’s speech despite forces up and down the country being desperate for a cash-injection.
It is clear where the money is going - £3.7bn to help the Conservatives drive through a hard Brexit. Just a fraction of this money would have been transformative for the police but as usual we see the Tories putting politics above everything else.” 

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Cable: Shadow Chancellor needs to get his sums right

Responding to John McDonnell's refusal to state how much Labour's borrowing plans would cost on the Today programme this morning, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said: 

"It's worrying that the Shadow Chancellor hasn't done his sums. Or perhaps he has done his sums and he realises they're so horrendous that he's unwilling to acknowledge that his version of a Labour government would put the country into financial difficulties. 

"We start from a bad position. The Budget warned of increased borrowing, dependent on the 'kindness of strangers'. A Labour government focused on massive nationalisation would make things even worse." 

Cable: Resolution Foundation report shows UK facing longest squeeze on living standards in 60 years

Britain is on course for the longest period of falling living standards since records began in the 1950s, according to a report by the Resolution Foundation.

The think tank found that under plans set out by Philip Hammond in the Budget yesterday, the poorest third of households are set for an average loss of £715 a year by the end of the Parliament, while the richest third will gain an average of £185.

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