EU Citizens

Next May, as an EU citizen, you can vote in our local elections and finally have your say on Brexit.

The Tories denied you a vote in the referendum and used your right to stay as a political football. Your local Labour MP voted to trigger Article 50, even though your right to stay was not guaranteed.

Liberal Democrats have always been a strong voice against Brexit. We demanded after the referendum that your right to stay was secured. We voted against triggering Article 50. We are fighting for people to have their say on the final deal.

On 3rd May 2018 you can vote in the local election. You were denied a vote in the EU referendum and in the general election - now you have can finally have your say. This may be your last chance to have your say before Brexit happens. Make sure your voice is heard.

Liberal Democrats have always fought against Brexit and for your right to stay. Will you pledge your support and help us fight for an exit from Brexit?

I will vote for the Liberal Democrats in May 2018